I took a trip to New Hampshire last week, and due to primarily living in the southwest most of my life, I've never seen colors like this... its a crazy world we live in.

Music: Thrice - Silver Wings


John Brewer
10/08/2012 12:38

Hey bro nice video! Those are some truly gorgeous colors on those trees! The U.S really is a beautiful place.:)

Bionic Dave
10/17/2012 21:07

Really cool footage (and soundtrack)! Beautiful colors, I am sure the Infernal Man-Thing would approve!

10/17/2012 22:24

The Man-Thing would enjoy it there, although its a cooler and less humid environment than he is accustomed to, but as seen in Lemire's Strange Tails story, ol' Ted does occasionally make it to the colder climates ;)


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