I guess one can chalk this up to "saving the best for last," but after narrowing down the pile I'm down to these? Lucky me.


06/03/2012 00:10

Hey, there, Brew! You know, I always kind of like your photos of comics on the floor. Maybe because I can't keep my carpet looking so nice, what with a couple of other guys in the apartment.

It has been a while, eh? First, even I felt a catharsis when you posted recently that you decimated your Marvel stack.

Second, I started my own blog on Wordpress. I call it, "Like Something More Than Mortal," in reference to that line that Homer uses for the heroes in the Iliad. Come, check it out sometime.

Third, Scalped is really close to the final issue. Tell me you going to do something special for it.

06/03/2012 16:29

Great to hear from you buddy, its been a while. I'm adding your site to my google reader as we speak, and am looking forward to diving in with you as you flood the internet with your brand of awesome.

As for Scalped, yes, I cry in anticipation (and dread) of the final issue knowing that soon there won't be any more of my favorite book coming out again.

I have something planned, its not going to be a written feature, and I'll have a special partner along for the ride. This may hit a bit after the last issue drops, as my mystery guest and I plan on re-reading the entire series again before we talk. You probably won't have to guess very hard at who it is, but I'll leave it as a surprise till then.

06/06/2012 00:01



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